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Printer Labels

What type of printer do you need?

If you or your company requires more than 500 labels a day, you may wish to consider purchasing a label printer. Depending on what type of labels you need, a thermal transfer or direct thermal printer may be the best printer for your labeling needs. We at Glenwood Label Printing sell some of the highest-quality label printers in the industry, including Zebra, Sato, Datamaz, Intermec, and Godex.

You need to consider the following prior to purchasing a label printer:

  • What will be on the labels?
  • What is the label size I require?
  • How will the printer be connected?
  • How many labels do I need per day?
  • Will the printer be connected to a PC?

If you are unware of which type of printer you should purchase, our Vancouver label printing representatives are here to help. We can discuss your labeling needs at length, and then determine the best brand and type of printer you need. Our company also sells printer accessories such as ribbons, barcodes, and label applicators. Contact us at (604) 522-6001 to learn more!