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Dual Web Perscription Labels in Vancouver, BC

Glenwood Labels is recognized as a leading manufacturer of specialized sheeted and rolled, forms and labels for the Retail and Commercial Pharmacy industry. As a LEXMARK Certified Solutions Provider, Glenwood Label offers trouble-free operation and have been designed to exceed the many demanding print and application requirements of the Pharmacy marketplace.

The Highest Quality

Glenwood Label uses only the highest quality paper, ink and supplies from the leading manufacturers. We feature 60-pound bond paper for our paper and dual web labels, despite the lower cost of 50-pound bond paper currently used by many of our competitors. The heavier weight bond paper helps forms run more smoothly in laser printers, without the jamming and misfeeds that are often caused by lower weight papers. Our entire plant is climate controlled to insure stability, and nobody takes greater care in packaging form to protect them from the rigors of shipping and handling and we use only our new ‘Enviro Boxes’.

Pharmacy Laser Forms

Featuring both pressure-sensitive labels, bond paper receipt, patient information sections can be supplied to any Pharmacy software. If you do not see the format that you need in our stock laser forms dies, let us know. We can supply an exact replicate of the form that you now use or help you design a form to precisely suit your needs. If possible, Please send us a sample of the Laser form you need.

Software Systems


Let Glenwood Label customize your Laser Dual Web Rx Labels. Why? Here are some top reasons.

  • Branding opportunity
  • Feature Your Logo
  • Highlight Your Tagline / Message
  • Promote Multiple Locations
  • Promote Free Delivery
  • Enhance Readability with Colours

Dual Web Perscription Labels by Glenwood Label Printing & Packaging

Glenwood offers a complete line of Laser Dual Web RX Labels to meet all of your variable printing needs

Our Most Popular Laser Dual Webs

If you’re not ordering Dual Web Rx Labels from Glenwood, you’re not getting the best quality, service, price and turnaround time. Call us today and let us show you how we can improve your label quality and save you money too.

Dual Web 1

Dual Web Design Label 1 by Glenwood Label Printing & Packaging

Dual Web 2

Dual Web Design Label 2 by Glenwood Label Printing & Packaging

Dual Web 2A

Dual Web Design Label 3

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