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If you’re regularly churning out labels for price tags, shipping products, or other label needs, you or your company may want to buy a label printer to help with the work. Having a high-quality label printer on hand will help you keep costs lower and ensure a uniform, quality look to your labels. It also gives you control over the data you are printing, this allows for more flexibility with your labels!

Take a look at some of Glenwood Label’s top-selling label printers and request a quote today!

At Glenwood Labels in Vancouver, BC, we have a wide array of some of the highest-quality label printers in the industry, including Zebra, Godex, Epson, Citizen, and Datamax. Our experienced staff will help you determine which type of label printer is right for you and your needs.

What type of printer do you need?

There is a wide array of label printers available in today’s market, with options for portable label printers, desktop label printers, thermal printers, and more. Industrial printers can produce thousands of labels a day, while small, personal label printers can be ideal for use at home or in small business settings. Depending on what type of labels you need, a thermal transfer or direct thermal printer may be the best printer for your label needs.

As you consider what type of label printer might be right for you, you’ll need to consider the following:

Printer Labels

  • What will be on the labels?
  • What is the label size I require?
  • How will the printer be connected?
  • How many labels do I need per day?
  • Will the printer be connected to a PC or USB?

If you are unsure of which type of printer you should purchase, our Vancouver label printing representatives are here to help. We can discuss your label needs at length, and then determine the best brand and type of printer you need.

Label Printer Accessories

In addition to our extensive selection of high-quality label printers, our company sells all the label printer accessories necessary to get your printer up and running. We have ribbons, barcodes, label applicators, ink, and more to ensure you have the quality products necessary for your label printing needs. Depending on what type of label printer you purchase, you will need a selection of the following:

Our label printing representatives will help ensure you have all the materials and printing accessories you need to get started printing labels as soon as you get your printer.

Benefits of Having a Label Printer

If you need large batches of one type of label printed or you only need to print labels occasionally, having a professional label printing company in Vancouver, BC is usually the best way to ensure quality and consistency. But if you or your business needs to print more than 500 labels a day, you may want to consider buying a label printer in Vancouver, BC.

Label printers are more cost-effective than hiring a third party to do the label printing if you need to print a large number of labels on a daily basis. Label printers are also extremely easy to use — they simply connect to your computer and allow you to use label software to design and print the label. Other models come with their own keyboards or come as handheld devices, making them more portable and easy to use in warehouse settings.

If you’re interested in purchasing a high-quality label printing accessories in Vancouver, BC, for you or your company, contact us today by calling (604) 522-6001!

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