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Quality Label Printing in Vancouver, BC

If you’re looking for a quality, experienced label printing services, look no further than Glenwood Labels in Vancouver, BC. Printing labels since 1969, Our label company is one of the best in the business, providing everything from pharmacy labels and grocery labels to full-color Craft Beer Labels and sticker labels. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your sticker printing needs. We love guiding our customers through the labeling process from branding to printing to help you promote your company with quality product labeling.

Custom Labels

If you’ve created a new product yourself and are searching for just the right way to market it to customers, let our experienced label creator at Glenwood Labels help you out. We have a wide range of options for small or large runs of print labels. We carry a wide variety of label materials including Polypropylene (White Bopp), Gloss, Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer and many more! If you want a certain finish to your label we also offer lamination or matte lamination to help your brand stand out that much more. Have a label printer already? Great, we can supply you with blank labels and ribbons that will maximize print quality on your thermal transfer printer.

Craft Beer & Wine Labels

With the proliferation of craft beers and quality wines on the market, having a label that stands out on the shelf can be the difference that draws a customer in. Our beer and wine print labels are designed to withstand the washing, pasteurization, filling, transportation, and storage of your product to keep the bottle looking good. Beverage labels represent the product and talk directly to consumers, there isn’t much more we enjoy that helping represent a brand’s story.

Grocery & Food Labels

We have long assisted grocery stores with their grocery label needs, providing the product labeling necessary to convey price, weight, contents, and other important information to the customer. Whether it is scale labels, blanks labels, or even full-color custom digital labels we have printed them all. Our wide variety of machinery and printing expertise allows us to help our customers pick the best option for their grocery and food labels.

Pharmacy Labels

Glenwood Labels is one of the main manufacturers in Canada when it comes to pharmacy labels. Pharmacists have specific requirements they must meet when it comes to their labels, they must have the correct sheet or roll label that matches their software. Glenwood Labels has produced over 10,000 different orders for pharmacies so we have a variety of experience in this industry. Also, if your Pharmacy would like to increase branding by updated logos and artwork, Glenwood can help out with that too! With a great team of Graphic Designers in-house we can help create and update your logo. Branding in every industry continues to grow and having customized print labels helps separate you from the rest!

Customized Packaging Services

If you’re a business owner who regular ships packages as part of your line of work, let Glenwood Labels help customize that packaging to get more publicity for your company. We provide custom packaging label services, including custom printed boxes, shipping labels, custom packaging tape, and custom packing materials. With our services, you’ll be able to ensure customers see the name of your business as soon as they receive their shipment.

Label Printers & Ribbons

If you or your company uses many different labels at a high rate, it may be worth investing in a commercial label printer instead of constantly ordering labels. Maybe you need to print out price tags for regularly changing inventory, or you need to print out shipping labels on a constant basis. Whatever your labeling needs, a commercial label printer can help ease the process. We carry the highest-quality label printers in the industry and can help you determine which type of label printer is right for you and your needs. We carry the top printer brands and know exactly which one is best for you! Full-color printers, thermal transfer printers, and direct thermal printers we have them all.

Need high-quality ribbons and blank labels for your printer? We can put together a customized quote for you that will set you up with a printer, ribbons, and blank labels to ensure you have all the tools needed to print great labels. Already have a printer? That is fine we have hundreds of ribbons in-stock that are compatible with all kinds of printers.

If you’re interested in having Glenwood Labels print your custom labels or you’re in the market for label printers of your own, call our experienced label design staff today at (604) 670-6204 for more information!

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