Hospital Labels

If you need labels fast, rely on Glenwood Labels to provide affordable, high-quality labels in a timely manner. We know it’s extremely important to correctly and clearly label hospital supplies, which is why we supply labels for:

  • Vial Labels
  • IV Bag Labels
  • Laboratory Labels
  • Admission Labels
  • Anesthesia Labels
  • Patient Medical Records
  • Infection Control Labels
  • Nursing Labels
  • Medical Imaging Labels
  • Equipment Labels
  • Radiology Labels
  • Hazard Labels
  • Warning Labels

We’ll work with you to print the perfect label to keep everyone safe.

medical label on container

Choosing the Right Labels

Together, we can define what your specialized medical and health care labeling needs are. We can choose the right solution for your product.

Depending on your medical label application, you might want to consider permanent or removable adhesives. Your Sales Representative can help you choose the best adhesive for your label. We have thousands of custom dies in stock, but if you’d like something unique for your label, we can create a custom die for you.

label on test tubes

Custom Label Solutions Since 1969

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