Thermal Labels in Vancouver, BC

Don’t Settle for Less-Than-Exceptional Labels

Are you struggling to find a high-quality label company who can create nearly any type of label? Glenwood Label Printing may be the company for you! For more than four decades, our team has helped individuals and business owners alike create various types of labels, including pharmacy and grocery labels.

We can utilize various types of thermal labels for your labeling needs including:

  • Direct thermal labels– Direct thermal labels don’t utilize any ink or ribbon to print. Instead, the label is covered with a heat-sensitive layer which then changes color when it is exposed to a printhead. Depending on your design, it will heat up and cool down, ultimately creating your custom label.
  • Thermal transfer labels– Thermal transfer labels also utilize a printhead to create a label, but a ribbon is used between the printhead and the label material. We offer three wonderful types of ribbon—wax, wax/resin, and pure resin – which produce consistent labels.
  • Laser labels– When we create laser labels, we use the highest-quality paper which holds laser printer toner for extended periods of time, permanent or removable adhesives, depending on your needs, and a unique, “lay-flat” line to ensure your labels won’t jam in the machine.

We strictly use the best labeling products and graphic designs to ensure every customer is satisfied with our services! Trust us at Glenwood Label Printing with all your label needs. Our products are always eco-friendly and we strive to provide quick turnarounds for all our labels. To receive your free estimate, contact our office today at (604) 522-6001.

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