The Best Thermal Labels in and Around New Westminster, BC

If you need labels for your product, don’t settle for anything that’s less than exceptional. You don’t need to look around for the best labels—turn to the experts at Glenwood Labels in New Westminster, BC. For more than four decades, our team has helped individuals and business owners create various types of labels, including pharmacy and grocery labels. Choose the local manufacturer you can trust for your thermal labels. Contact Glenwood Labels today for an estimate on the labels your business needs to succeed.

We can utilize various types of thermal labels for your labeling needs including:

  • Direct thermal labels

    Direct thermal labels don’t utilize any ink or ribbon to print. Instead, the label is covered with a heat-sensitive layer that changes color when it is exposed to a printhead. For short-term applications, direct thermal media produces sharp images that are easy to scan. Depending on your design, the thermal paper will heat up and cool down, ultimately creating your custom label. Glenwood Labels carries both direct non-top-coated thermal paper and top-coated thermal paper, and we offer immediate delivery!

  • Thermal transfer labels

    Thermal transfer labels also utilize a printhead to create a label, but a ribbon is used between the printhead and the label material. We offer three wonderful types of ribbon to produce consistent labels:

    • Wax
    • Wax/resin
    • Resin

    You also don’t have to stick to just black wax or resin—we carry a variety of colors to meet your personalization needs! Thermal transfer is a cost-effective method that will help you boost productivity and profit. Get in touch today to get started with thermal transfer labels.

  • Laser labels

    When we create laser labels, we use only premium materials and follow a careful three-step process to ensure the best results:

    • First, we use the highest quality paper that holds a laser printer toner for extended periods of time.
    • Second, depending on your needs, we apply permanent or removable adhesives that resist flowing, flaking, and oozing when exposed to high temperatures.
    • Third, we utilize a unique, “lay-flat” line to ensure your pressure-sensitive labels feed properly without jamming your printer.

    Our laser labels can be used in both desktop and high-speed laser printers with ease!

Your Go-To Label Company

For more than four decades Glenwood Labels has been providing the best label printing in Canada and the United States. No matter the size of the job, we offer the best custom label solutions. We take care of grocery labels, pharmacy labels, health and beauty labels, and more.

Our stock materials include:

  • Clear and ultra-clear material
  • Recyclable materials
  • Paper
  • Metallic and fluorescent materials
  • And more

We also offer a huge range of in-house dies and a variety of specialty solutions like:

  • Coatings with varnish and laminations
  • Gloss and matte coatings
  • Specialty adhesives
  • And more

Whether you’re a local company that needs labels for an introductory product, a well-known brand that needs labels mass-produced, or a craft beer brewery in need of a stand-out label, Glenwood Labels offers customized products, clear images, and high-quality work. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

Get in Touch with A Trusted Commercial Label Printer

Glenwood Labels uses only the best labeling products and graphic designs to ensure every customer is satisfied with our services. Trust us with all your label needs. Our products are always constructed with top quality materials, and we strive to provide quick turnarounds for all our labels. To receive your free estimate, contact our office in New Westminster, BC, today.

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