Thermal Labels

There are two label types for this category; thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels. Used with a printer that utilizes a special heating process when imprinting, a thermal transfer label is imaged when the printer uses a ribbon and heat in the printing process, whereas direct thermal labels are imaged when the printer creates the image after heat is applied to the special substrate of the label.
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Thermal Label Types

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels don’t utilize any ink or ribbon to print. Instead, the label is covered with a heat-sensitive layer that changes colour when it is exposed to a printhead. For short-term applications, direct thermal media produces sharp images that are easy to scan. Depending on your design, the thermal paper will heat up and cool down, ultimately creating your custom label. Glenwood Labels carries both direct non-top-coated thermal paper and top-coated thermal paper, and we offer immediate delivery!

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer labels also utilize a printhead to create a label, but a ribbon is used between the printhead and the label material. We offer three wonderful types of ribbon to produce consistent labels:

  • Wax
  • Wax/resin
  • Resin

You also don’t have to stick to just black wax or resin—we carry a variety of colours to meet your personalization needs! Thermal transfer is a cost-effective method that will help you boost productivity and profit. Get in touch today to get started with thermal transfer labels.

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