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Business owners have a lot to think about. While label and sticker printing services may appear to address minor details, they can go a long way to getting customers to recognize your brand name. If it’s time to create stunning labels for your product or revamp your graphic design, Glenwood Label Printing should be your go-to partner. We serve Vancouver, BC, and the surrounding community with comprehensive graphic design and printing services. Learn more about our label company.

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We stand out from the competition because of the sheer variety of services we provide. As a top label company, we believe you should be able to find all the products and services you need in one convenient place. When you work with us, you can take advantage of the following offerings, among many others:

  • Labels: We proudly provide custom labels of a broad range of products. Our team has printed bath bomb labels, as well as put resources toward sticker printing, grocery label creation, and much more.
  • Label Printers: If printing is a large part of your business, you might prefer to buy a label printer of your own. Our team can help you choose a quality printer that fits your needs.
  • Packaging: Do you need customized packaging for your shipping needs? We have you covered! Our team creates custom boxes, shipping labels, and packaging tape to strengthen your brand.

Why So Many Choose Us

Glenwood Label Printing has been active in the Vancouver area for over 50 years. We’re family-owned and -operated, and our team is dedicated to creating an unmatched customer experience. From the day we opened in 1969, we’ve worked toward becoming a one-stop-shop graphic design center for all your label printing needs. Our customers love coming to us for graphic design help because we can do it all, from packaging design to providing label printers. No matter your project, our team is committed to delivering a fast turnaround time without compromising on quality. All our products are held to a high standard which is why we were awarded the designation as a Top 100 Manufacturer in Vancouver. If you’re in need of a custom design center to assist you with your label manufacturing needs, call us today at (604) 522-6001 to receive a free design consultation.

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Are you interested in custom labels for your business or products? Our Vancouver team is excited to help you. Feel free to contact Glenwood Label Printing anytime to request an appointment.

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