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 Direct Thermal Labels by Glenwood Label Printing & Packaging

Direct Thermal (DT) media does not use any kind of ink or ribbon to print. The media is coated with heat-sensitive layer that changes colour as it is exposed to the printer’s printhead. The printhead heats up and cools down according to your design which is then imprinted into the media. Because the technology prints without a ribbon, direct thermal media is noted for its simplicity and lower overall cost. Direct thermal media has a considerable shelf life (1 year), but is not well suited for environments exposed to heat, long periods of direct sunlight or abrasion.

Efficient Printing Option

The printing on direct thermal media still produces sharp images with good scanability. For any short term applications, Direct thermal is the most efficient option.

Direct Thermal Print Head in Vancouver, Bc

Direct Thermal label paper is available in two basic qualities

Coated and Non Coated Logo


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