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With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying pharmacy prescription labels throughout Canada, Glenwood Labels is a leader in supplying only the finest custom labels for our customers. Our custom printed prescription bottle labels are manufactured using the highest-quality materials, whether they are thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels, inkjet, or standard pin-feed c labels. Many different adhesives are also available such as permanent, removable, or “repositionable”. As a one-stop-shop for label printing, we offer free estimates for any size project. Reach out to us today to request a quote and experience the difference with our exceptional service.

Complete Line of Prescription & Pharmacy Labels

Prescription Labels to Match Various Software Types

Thanks to our many years of expertise with prescription labels, we understand that pharmacists have specific requirements that must be met with their labelling needs. Glenwood Labels carries sheet and roll labels matching many popular types of pharmacy software, including the following:

  • Applied Robotics
  • Flexipharm
  • Kroll
  • Nexxsys
  • QS/1
  • Simplicity Plus
  • Quality Counts
  • Healthwatch/Delta

Quality Matters When It Comes to Reading Prescription Labels

There are industry standards as regulated by Health Canada when it comes to presenting information on prescription pill bottles. Reading prescription labels shouldn’t feel cumbersome to pharmacy customers. Relevant information must appear on the label concisely and clearly to ensure the patient uses the medication safely and correctly, as prescribed by their physician. Mislabeling prescription bottles with illegible typeface or inaccurate instructions may lead to severe medication errors that could have been prevented. The following information should appear on every pharmacy prescription label in Canada:

  • Medication’s name and strength
  • Physical description of the medication
  • Prescription date and quantity
  • Number of prescription refills remaining
  • Dosage/usage instructions
  • Patient’s name and contact information
  • Prescribing physician’s name
  • Appropriate medication warnings (may cause drowsiness, take with food, do not take with alcohol, keep out of the reach of children, for oral use only, etc.)
  • Prescription’s serial identification number and barcode
  • Pharmacy contact information
  • Recommended prescription discard date

Additional instructions are typically found on an accompanying pharmacy information sheet, including usage recommendations, potential side effects, and further warnings and precautions. Because pharmacy prescription labels convey crucial information, they must be printed on high-quality materials for legibility and safety purposes. Incomplete or hard-to-read labels may be potentially life-threatening for your pharmacy’s patients. Rely on our professional label printers to get the job done.

A Complete Line of Prescription Labels at Competitive Prices

Glenwood Labels offers a complete line of prescription and pharmacy labels to meet your needs. We’re able to ensure absolute consistency regardless of the project’s size, thanks to our state of the art printing presses, and keen attention to detail. Our team of labelling experts can help you in determining the proper materials to use, while our in-house graphic design team is available to answer any design questions you may have during the process.

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Since 1969, Canadians have relied on Glenwood Labels for all their pharmacy prescription label needs. Our experts would be happy to make material and design recommendations, so that your customers don’t have any difficulty reading prescription labels from your pharmacy. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate from our experienced label printing company!

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