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Glenwood Labels Offers Specialty Beauty & Health Labels

Turn to Glenwood Labels when you need to print specialty health and beauty product labels in Canada. Our team knows you need a label as good as your product. That’s why we offer customizable labels to make your product shine on the shelves. Health and beauty items often have special label requirements, and we know exactly how to meet those industry standards. Since 1969, we have provided health and beauty companies just like yours the labels they need to grow and distribute their products in an attractive, practical way. When you need eye-catching beauty and health labels that are informative and inviting, you know you can count on us. Contact our experts for labels that truly stand out from the rest!

Unique, Attractive Customized Labels for Your Beauty Brand

We know the importance of creating labels that are not only designed for your industry but are also specially curated for your product. That’s why we work with each customer to develop and deliver the dream label to make their product shine. Depending on the item, you may need a squeezable label or a clear label that reveals the product through the packaging. Our custom product labels can do all that and more. Our packaging and label experts will partner with you to create a unique, attractive label that will increase your brand appeal and withstand the elements.

Explore Our Specialty Label Stock

Each product presents different labelling needs. Maybe you need a label that can hold up in the shower or one that shows off how beautiful your product looks inside its container. Whatever your desires, we can make them a reality with our stunning specialty product packaging labels. When your product labels can withstand everyday life, your name will always be front and centre to consumers as a trusted brand. We customize the following types of printable product labels for your health and beauty products:

  • Clear Labels – Give the customer a glimpse of the product while showing off the label.
  • Foil Labels – Make your product pop and add a little shine with a metallic label.
  • Laminated Labels – Protect your label from liquids and more. These are great for hair care, skincare, and body product labels that will likely be kept in the bathroom or shower.
  • Barcode Labels – Make it easy to scan and purchase your product.
  • Soap and Shampoo Labels – Show off your product with a special resistant label.
  • Candle Labels – These are perfect for a scented or unscented wax product. Enhance the look of the candle without taking away from its aroma or function.
  • Lip Balm Labels – Small but mighty, these attractive labels are sure to draw in your consumer.
  • Cosmetic Labels – Make your eyeshadow palette, lipstick, and other cosmetics stand out. The packaging should be as beautiful as the makeup.
  • Waterproof Labels – Customers will appreciate a label that doesn’t peel, get soggy, or fade when it gets wet. Plus, in addition to being waterproof, our labels are guaranteed to be oilproof and resistant to fading in the sunlight.

Endless Options to Customize Body Product Labels

Whether you’re in the market for makeup, shampoo, skincare, haircare, bath bombs, or body products, you need labels that will make your product stand out against all the others. When you work with our team, we’ll help you design the label that best speaks for your product, using our range of customizable offerings. We offer numerous ways to customize your product. With a variety of colours, shapes, and materials at your fingertips, you’re sure to receive a durable label of the highest quality. Our quality beauty label stock and materials include:

  • High-end metallics
  • Ultra-clear materials
  • Foil paper and film
  • And more!

Why Choose Glenwood Labels for Label Printing Solutions?

Without a doubt, our decades of experience, a vast selection of materials, and innovative solutions set us apart from the competition. Turn to us for all your label printing needs! Whether you need a waterproof shampoo label or eye-catching makeup labels, we can help. Whatever you would like your label to look like, we can handle it. Our specialty solutions include:

  • Varnishes and laminations
  • Guaranteed barcode scanability
  • Permanent, removable, and freezer adhesives
  • Variable data and consecutive numbering

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Here at Glenwood Labels, we offer attentive customer service and exceptional labels made from the best materials. From printing gorgeous shampoo labels that can be seen through a clear bottle to creating labels for safety and accuracy in a hospital, we service every industry with custom solutions and amazing products. When you need a label company you can trust, contact our friendly team for a free estimate. With manufacturing facilities in Vancouver and Winnipeg, we are well-situated to service all of Canada while meeting any deadline.

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