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Here at Glenwood Labels, we’ve been creating high-quality labels since 1969. Glenwood Labels has assisted grocery stores throughout Canada and the United States with their grocery label needs since we opened more than 50 years ago. Grocery labels play an important role in selling products because they clearly illustrate and describe each item. If an item is mislabeled, not labeled at all, or labeled unattractively, chances are the product won’t sell. When you hire the Glenwood Labels’ team, you can rest assured your grocery products will have attractive, durable, unique, informative, and eye-catching labels. We are a local manufacturer located in New Westminster, BC and we love working with other local businesses! Contact us today to learn how we can take your labeling to the next level!

We can create various types of grocery labels such as:

  • Grocery scale labels

    When customers weigh items via your grocery scale, we can ensure they receive an accurate label. An accurate label makes checking out an easy and convenient process. Whether you want a basic label or one with multiple colors, our grocery scale labels come in both stock scale and custom scale options. We use only the highest quality thermal paper, adhesive with excellent tack, and the most up to date printing methods keep your images fresh and easy to read.

  • Custom Food package labels

    From producing labels for a newly introduced or seasonal product to creating labels for mass production, we can create nearly any type of food package label. Whether you want to print 100 labels or 1 million labels we have a solution for you. We offer a wide range of materials; coatings and high-end print quality ensure you get a superior label for every item that sets your brand apart.

    Our specialty stocks include:

    • Clear materials
    • Silver Metallic
    • White Bopp
    • Semi-gloss
    • Gold Foil
    • And more!

    Contact us to learn more about our materials!

  • Specialty Labels

    Whatever label you need to be printed, Glenwood Labels can take care of it. Our specialty printing solutions include:

    • Gloss and matte coatings
    • Cold temperature and water-resistant adhesives
    • Freezer grade adhesives
    • Materials compatible for thermal printing
    • And more

    Plus, with thousands of in-house dies, we can mass-produce custom cuts and shapes, which saves you money on die costs!

  • Attention-getter labels

    Want to alert customers of a sale? Sell more with attention-getting labels from Glenwood Labels. Design your custom attention-grabbing labels now with premium products, including:

    • Pre-printed labels
    • Solid colored materials
    • Fluorescent materials
    • Our labels can be crafted in a variety of sizes and can be used for color-coding and more!


  • Craft beer labels

    With hundreds of beers on the shelf, make sure yours stands out and is easily identifiable for customers with our craft beer labels. We know you’re selling a premium brew, so we make sure your beer looks as good as it tastes.

    We help your product stand out with labeling options such as:

    • Moisture-resistant materials and adhesives
    • Specialty matte or gloss coatings
    • Keg collars
    • Growler Tags
    • And more

    Let us get your branding in the eye of the public so everyone can enjoy your beer.

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Whether you choose to work with Glenwood Labels temporarily or for decades, we can create the grocery labels you need to help move your product. With the best materials and printing around, you—and your customers are sure to love your label! And with endless options for customization, you can be sure your label is as unique as your product. If you are interested in learning more about our labels or wish to obtain a complimentary estimate, please contact us in New Westminster, BC, today.

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