Grocery Labels in Vancouver, BC

Grocery Store Labels by Glenwood Label Printing & Packaging

Creating High-Quality Labels Since 1969

Glenwood Label Printing has assisted grocery stores throughout Canada and the United States with their grocery label needs since we opened 47 years ago. Grocery labels play an incredibly important role in selling products, as they illustrate what each item is. If an item is mislabeled or not labeled at all, chances are it won’t sell. When you hire our team, you can rest assured your grocery products can have high-quality, durable, and unique labels.

We can create various types of grocery labels such as:

  • Grocery scale labels– When customers weigh items via your grocery scale, ensure they receive an accurate label! Our grocery scale labels are available in stock scale and custom scale labels.
  • Food package labels– We can create nearly any type of food package label including clear, paper, fluorescent, and more!
  • Attention-getter labels– Want to alert customers of a sale? Design your custom attention-grabbing labels now with our assistance.
  • Craft beer labels– With hundreds of beers on the shelf, make sure yours stands out and is easily identifiable for customers with our craft beer labels!

Peruvian Coffee Label in Vancouver, Bc Chicken Bone Broth Labels by Glenwood Label Printing & Packaging

Whether you choose to work with us temporarily or long-term, we can create the grocery labels you need to help move your product. If you are interested in learning more about our labels or wish to obtain a complimentary estimate, please contact our team at Glenwood Label Printing today at (604) 522-6001.

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